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New To Atlanta: Summer ’16



It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.
I heard someone say that spring has already come and gone. Truth be told, since Kent Cook left channel 2 you can pretty much guarantee that every forecast will be inaccurate, to say the least. What I mean is, you won’t ever truly know what to expect from Mother Nature in my beautiful city. So let’s focus on what you do know, and how to save your hair from the most common disasters.

  • Humidity
    Don’t dump your coconut oil down the drain just yet. The worst of the wetness in the air won’t truly begin until early July. Nonetheless, be prepared! (Stay ready and you ain’t gotta get ready.) One of the most effective ways to protect your mane from harsh humid conditions is to ensure that your hair is coated with a natural shaft sealant like , (you guessed it!), coconut oil. And of course, protective styles.
  • Sunlight
    Fast forward to the first day of summer and everyone in the A is naked. No more bras or pants, just melanin and Afros dancing in the afternoon sun. Excessive sunlight (uva) can break down the proteins in the shaft of your hair. Many of us may notice that our hair lightens significantly in the summer as a result of this phase. Apply sunscreen directly to your scalp and invest in stylish hats to prevent damage if you plan to spend the summer outdoors!
  • Smoke, Parties, Beaches & Rap Music  
  • Party time is upon us children! Medusa is open, Edgewood is fully revived and Gucci is home. These Atlanta nights get long and steamy honey. I created a product specifically for this purpose. My Super Dope Melanin Mist is a blend of organic rose petal potion, aloe vera, &  essential oils designed to refresh your skin and hair while shielding both from harmful uva and environmental exposure. Purchase my Melanin Mist to preserve your sexy!


A Letter To My Summer Flings…

I feel used.
I won’t name names, but there are at least 100 relaxed women that exploited my talent to protect their chemically endangered hair this summer. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your support. I just don’t know why you use me and then turn away in favor of the creamy crack; However, I do love you.  I also understand that the texture of your hair may frighten you when considering going natural. I know the time that have available to maintain your mane is limited. Here are a few ways to begin your healthy hair journey. Don’t be alarmed, these are just the basics. You can do this! I believe in you.

Photo credit jackiejonesfiction.com

Photo credit jackiejonesfiction.com

1. Steer clear of  sew-ins and other styles that don’t allow your hair and scalp to breathe. Don’t worry, trouble won’t last always. Taking a break from styles that don’t allow the skin on your scalp to breathe will allow you precious time to get to know your mane. Become comfortable with styling your hair, even if it doesn’t come out right!

2. Brush your hair often. This one is from my mama. Brushing/combing your hair stimulates the follicles beneath and encourages healthy hair growth.

3. Deep condition your hair regularly. If it’s a Cantu or Shea Butter treatment, or the old school Mayo methods or hot oil treatment. One per week, deep condition your hair. You’ll thank me. I promise.

4. And finally, stay positive. Pimpin’ ain’t easy. Neither is the transition process. You’re on your way to healthier hair and a better outlook on handling your hair in general.



What are some of your concerns as you make the natural transition??