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Bunday Monday!!

The entire purpose of protective styles is to safeguard your hair against unnecessary damage for an extended period of time. The other goal here, is to not be bothered with your mess of a mane – no matter how beautiful it may be. Let’s be clear, we all know how stressful even the finest textured natural can be, especially in the summer. I heard someone say that this summer in Atlanta was fairly mild. I suppose that’s true if you think 100 degrees in the shade and humidity reaching astronomical levels is mild. Not to mention the pollen and bad driving by these friggin’ tourists. It’s enough to make a pretty girl scream!  Enter box braids; here to save your sanity in any season.

Protective styles, particularly braids and twists, provide a super sweet escape from the perils of styling your natural hair. To make things even less taxing, the internet has created an entire hashtag scenario based on the best way to style your braids…. #BundayMonday presented by THE BUN.

A few of my lovely clients celebrating #BundayMonday!!

A few of my lovely clients celebrating #BundayMonday!!

Pretty girls typically like pretty things that are also functional. While wearing protective styles, I can personally guarantee that you will get more versatility and elegance from the various types of braided high buns than you thought possible.

The tutorial below was selected based on originality and the experience necessary to achieve the style. Also, the author is cute and I like her necklace. Enjoy!

Try this style with your box braids and tag me on twitter with the results! What are some of your favorite ways to style your braids?