It’s #WCW, Hello Nina Simone!!

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Nina was born in an era where Black was seldom, if ever, celebrated. Let alone a Black woman. Still, her strength showed even in her posture. I’m not one for sitting in the shadows oooohhing and aaaahhing, gawking, at humans. However, … Continue reading


Respect your edges

By now you all know that I am committed to edge protection. Those fine hairs that frame your face are supremely important, and it is my endeavor to defend them against harsh styling. What we should all try to wrap our heads around is the fact that protective styles-by definition are supposed to PREVENT DAMAGE TO YOUR NATURAL HAIR.

Here’s how we achieve such excellence.

You must be wise in choosing a stylist. Black hair, both natural and relaxed, is big business. There are those that would take advantage of this fact and neglect what’s most important…You. That said, here’s a very informative and necessary article addressing the issue at hand.

In addition to the tips mentioned in the article, please be sure to adequately prepare your hair for installation. Deep conditioning and a moisturizing treatment are both great ways to do so. Don’t be an Instagram statistic ladies. This can be avoided.2014-11-11 12.36.15

What are you experiencing the most difficulties with while wearing a protective style?

Bunday Monday!!

The entire purpose of protective styles is to safeguard your hair against unnecessary damage for an extended period of time. The other goal here, is to not be bothered with your mess of a mane – no matter how beautiful it may be. Let’s be clear, we all know how stressful even the finest textured natural can be, especially in the summer. I heard someone say that this summer in Atlanta was fairly mild. I suppose that’s true if you think 100 degrees in the shade and humidity reaching astronomical levels is mild. Not to mention the pollen and bad driving by these friggin’ tourists. It’s enough to make a pretty girl scream!  Enter box braids; here to save your sanity in any season.

Protective styles, particularly braids and twists, provide a super sweet escape from the perils of styling your natural hair. To make things even less taxing, the internet has created an entire hashtag scenario based on the best way to style your braids…. #BundayMonday presented by THE BUN.

A few of my lovely clients celebrating #BundayMonday!!

A few of my lovely clients celebrating #BundayMonday!!

Pretty girls typically like pretty things that are also functional. While wearing protective styles, I can personally guarantee that you will get more versatility and elegance from the various types of braided high buns than you thought possible.

The tutorial below was selected based on originality and the experience necessary to achieve the style. Also, the author is cute and I like her necklace. Enjoy!

Try this style with your box braids and tag me on twitter with the results! What are some of your favorite ways to style your braids?


How To Pack a Fall Hoe Bag

We all know that SuperDopeKarmen is a real person, living a real life, in the real world. As such, I tend to “keep it 100”, as the kids say. That said, some of us don’t go home on the weekends. We meet people. We have (safe) fun with people. And we’ll surely need our beauty stuff come the morrow. Now this isn’t to say that we’re sexually promiscuous, looking for love in the club. Hell, sometimes it’s safer to crash at a friend’s house to avoid those pesky high-speed APD chases down 85. But that’s a story for another day. Here’s what you should keep in your hoe bag.

1. Overnight Bag– As the queen of fancy thrifting, I advise you to head on down to the Goodwill and cop a sweet satchel for the low. That is all.

2. Makeup– Tinted moisturizer, eye liner, and a dark lippie.bobbibrown

These should be inexpensive versions of your favorite beauty products. You wouldn’t want to misplace your Bobbi Brown brow definer but you’ll be just fine if you lose a Mary Kay eye pencil.  The Laura Mercier Secret finish cream is another great investment for refreshing your makeup on the go. Alternately, Bobbi Brown aims to be your one stop shop for hoe bag makeup essentials with the Party Essentials collection. Now, the purpose of the dark lip is to give the impression that you thought about your life before the “walk of shame” became your fate. You’ll surprise yourself with the scant amount of other products you’ll need to fake total awesomeness while wearing a bold lip. This is one of the rare cases where a little goes a long way. Trust me, I’ve been there.

3. Threads – Maxi dress, cardigan/tunic, leggings (duh)

The most important thing on the ride home from your weekend (weekday if you’re a true gangsta) shenanigans is comfort. Choose fabrics fitting for the season in prints and colors. This way you’ll feel as if you actually got dressed. Thus detracting your thoughts from whatever bad decisions that you may have made the previous evening. The same goes for your shoe. Choose a comfortable, yet stylish bootie or flat to complete your impromptu look.

4. Hygiene – You get the picture. The travel packs that we get at hotels and see at the end of the lotion aisle in Target come in handy here. Finallhoebagy. Keep deodorant, body spray, toothpaste and toothbrush, q-tips (cotton swabs) and wet wipes of some sort. These items, although not all shown here, will be useful when removing the black liner and/or mascara crusted around your eye holes.

5. Bible – Well, you can explain this one to yourself.

Questions on how to pack a hoe bag? Hit me on IG @SuperDopeKarmen 🙂

A Letter To My Summer Flings…

I feel used.
I won’t name names, but there are at least 100 relaxed women that exploited my talent to protect their chemically endangered hair this summer. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your support. I just don’t know why you use me and then turn away in favor of the creamy crack; However, I do love you.  I also understand that the texture of your hair may frighten you when considering going natural. I know the time that have available to maintain your mane is limited. Here are a few ways to begin your healthy hair journey. Don’t be alarmed, these are just the basics. You can do this! I believe in you.

Photo credit

Photo credit

1. Steer clear of  sew-ins and other styles that don’t allow your hair and scalp to breathe. Don’t worry, trouble won’t last always. Taking a break from styles that don’t allow the skin on your scalp to breathe will allow you precious time to get to know your mane. Become comfortable with styling your hair, even if it doesn’t come out right!

2. Brush your hair often. This one is from my mama. Brushing/combing your hair stimulates the follicles beneath and encourages healthy hair growth.

3. Deep condition your hair regularly. If it’s a Cantu or Shea Butter treatment, or the old school Mayo methods or hot oil treatment. One per week, deep condition your hair. You’ll thank me. I promise.

4. And finally, stay positive. Pimpin’ ain’t easy. Neither is the transition process. You’re on your way to healthier hair and a better outlook on handling your hair in general.



What are some of your concerns as you make the natural transition??


#TBT- My Styleseat Photo Shoot In Atlanta

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Anyone who’s anyone knows that the Styleseat revolution is happening before our very eyes. I stumbled upon the platform while reading Techcrunch early last year and became quite intrigued by the amount of money raised in the start-up’s second round of … Continue reading

DO…DON’T- 6 Ways to Maintain Your Protective Style

As we are on this natural hair journey together, embracing our awesomeness becomes challenging at times. Like early mornings, when you’re already late and your hair is being a total bitch. Or after sexy time, when you want to preserve the allure and attraction but the devil has taken hold of your hair so badly you think you need an exorcist. It is in these moments, when you decide that a protective style is best for you. Be it braids, Havana twists, Marley twists or crochet braids of any kind- rules still apply. Read and follow directions. You’ll thank me later!!

  • DO Respect your edges. Big buns are beautiful (no pun intended), but put your hair up in moderation. No need to stress your gorgeous, yet sensitive mane everyday.
  • DO Moisturize!  The importance of protective styles will only be evident if your hair is well nourished. Your scalp needs your love and affection!
  • DO Redip your feathers. The feathered tips of your protective style (braids & twists) are sure to need a refresh over the course of a few weeks. Simply bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Dip the feathers into the water immediately. Dry with large towel. Repeat as necessary.
  • DON’T Wash your braids if they are waist length or if you aren’t fully comfortable with handling all of your braids or twists while wet. Synthetic hair is notorious for holding odors, both pleasant and pungent. Wash your scalp well. Rinse. and repeat if necessary.
  • DONT Pull and tug. By all means, enjoy special time with your mate ladies. However, be mindful of slippage and potential breakage of your natural hair when too much pressure is applied.
  • DONT Apply too much product an occasional light spritzing and daily shine or sheen spray will suffice (for the actual braid) Moisturize your scalp every other day to avoid the “root caking” that occurs by overusing product.

DO enjoy your protective style and DO ask questions if you’re unsure of how to maintain your style. After all, the goal is to help, not hurt your hair!