Frizz Proof and Perfect!

Want Frizz Proof, Perfect Fall Hair??
Here’s How!

          As the weather changes with the season, we must revisit the subject of protecting your tresses. Everyone is excited that high humidity has moved on and cooler winds prevail. But is that really so great? Humidity is the amount of water (moisture) in the air. Without vaporization, the air becomes very dry. The biggest weather impacts on hair -by far- dry, cold air and even dryer indoor heat. These environmental factors cause hair to become brittle and break more easily. Here’s how to beat it!! (#thankmelater)

1Protective Styling
Obviously! Protective styles are those that are low stress, low maintenance, and require very little to no manipulation of your natural hair (outside of caring for your scalp). If you’re still in the transition process; there’s no other foolproof way! If you’d like to avoid screaming at the mirror in frustration, driving like a maniac, only to be late for work and have Kylie and the office girls whispering their nonsense again, braid it up!!  Opt for easy and effective until you’re really ready to face the music.

2 Regular Steam Treatments
Alternate between moisture and protein! Weak and depleted hair will not support healthy growth. It’s that simple ladies. Combat these conditions by treating your hair with a  moisture retention and a strengthening agent. For best results, use a steamer to gently lift the hair cuticle for deeper product penetration.

3Wrap It Right.
When wearing a scarf on your head in the harsh colder months, ensure that it is silk. Much like your nighttime bonnets and pillow covers, silk doesn’t foster dryness as most other textiles do. Though it may sound trivial, true naturalistas know that every little bit counts. Be careful with wool scarves and sweaters  at the nape of your neck as well. Your “kitchen” is no secret. Everyone knows!

4Avoid heat!
Dry air + heat + dry air + heat = baldness…ijs
You heard right! Although the absence of humidity makes it quite easy to maintain heat specific hairstyles (like a silk press), it isn’t necessarily  the best time to pursue such lofty goals on a regular basis. So when is the best time for a silk press, you ask? I say no more that 3 times per year. Early in the fall (before the cold kicks in) and early – mid spring before the damp air makes it almost impossible. Avoid blow dryers and  hot combs like teen pregnancy. Be sure to keep up with  classes and consulting to help you transition and/or manage your kinky fro while incurring minimal damage!

5Hot Oil Treatment 
A sure fire way to seal in moisture so that you andyour hair have the energy to focus on growth and styling is a hot oil treatment. At , we’ve developed a blend of (9) essential and carrier oils that work in tandem to create the ideal environment for autumn/ winter growth, despite the harsher climate . 

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